Skate Hall Opening

After two years of working towards this goal, the Skateistan team is extremely pleased to announce the official opening of Kabul’s largest indoor sports facility and first skatepark at 2 p.m. on October 29, 2009. This milestone has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of an Afghan and international team.

Support from Strider

Young Strider saw a piece about Skateistan on CNN and was immediately fascinated: “I did not know that kids like me skated in Afghanistan”. Driven by a wish to help the kids in Kabul, he decided to raise money by running a lemonade stand outside his house. He discussed this idea with his parents and they encouraged him to put his idea to work. Strider set up his stand during Labour Day. He attached some information about Skateistan which explained to passersbyers what he was doing and at the end of the day he had raised a very respectable $18.50 from selling the lemonade.

Peace Day – “Bringing People Together”

Skateistan held its first celebration of International Peace Day on September 24, 2009. Around 100 people gathered in the almost-finished 1800 square metre skate facility to attend the event. The event attracted and brought together a wide diversity of people including the girls and boys that enjoy skateboarding, their parents, internationals working in Kabul and the Afghan and international press.