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We are proud to announce the launch of the new Skateistan webshop - the new way to buy all of the Skateistan merchandise. Now you can easily purchase any of our products from one central online shop.

Over the years, Skateistan has received a tremendous amount of support from companies who have handled the production and distribution of our t-shirts, hoodies, scarves and bags. Their support has helped boost Skateistan's presence worldwide. Without the benefit of this worldwide distribution capacity, we would have been unable to offer our products to our global network of supporters. These companies believed in Skateistan's ability to bring opportunities and a better future to children and youth through skateboarding. Skateistan is proud that we have been able to build these relationships, and we will always be grateful for the support the many companies showed us throughout the years.

Looking to the future we believe now is the time for Skateistan to take the next step and make our products available in one online shop. In the last few weeks we have consolidated the worldwide stock of Skateistan merchandise and set up our own online shop where you will be able to buy any of Skateistan's products. One shop, all of our products. This will allow Skateistan to maintain the quality of products and delivery to all of our customers, and provide a consistent stock of styles, sizes and colours.

 All proceeds from our products go directly towards Skateistan's activities in Afghanistan and Cambodia. Through purchasing Skateistan products, you enable Skateistan to come closer to self-sustainability. All orders are fulfilled and shipped from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Payments can be made through PayPal only. 

Skateistan also has a series of co-branded products with our key sponsors (Zero Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, TSG). These can still be purchased through the relevant distribution and retail channels - please visit the co-branded product page on our website for more information. Skateistan receives a percentage of sales from co-branded products in the form of royalty payments and/or direct product support at our project sites in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

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