It's Her Turn
Oliver Percovich: It's Her Turn
Our Founder and Executive Director, Oliver Percovich, explains why our current campaign, 'It's Her Turn' is so important.
It's Zarafshan's Turn
Meet Zarafshan, who is 13 and lives in Kabul. Zarafshan was scared because she thought her teachers would be unkind. But her Educator, Malalai, showed her the kindness is the best way to learn.
It's Her Turn: Women by Women
Skateistan is a place where women support women. In this unique photo collection, incredible female photographers share iconic images of girls and women skateboarding. It's Her Turn.
It's Natalie's Turn
Meet Natalie, who is 16 and is in her last year of high school in South Africa. Natalie has bright hopes for her future and it is her role model, Wendy, who has helped her to chase these dreams.
It's Sophea's Turn
Meet Sophea, who was once a student at Skateistan and is now a member of staff at Skateistan Cambodia.
It's Her Turn
Our new campaign focuses on girls' empowerment at Skateistan and the importance of women and girls supporting each other. Donate today!
It's Sara's Turn
Meet Sara, who is 16 and lives in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. She dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. But it was the inspiration of her coach that gave Sara to courage to dream.