Student Blog

Wonderful Video from Australian Kids for Skateistan

As our exchange partner since August 2010, Osborne Primary School in Australia has had several Skype conversations with the Tuesday AM younger girls' class. During one of these conversations, on November 15th, the Osborne preps offered to make Skateistan a short movie and asked what the girls would like to see. The girls requested a movie showing the school, especially the classrooms and what they learn.

Bilal's Message for Other Disabled Youth

On Wednesday mornings Skateistan holds classes for boys with disabilities. They're progressing really fast in the skatepark, and one student in particular stands out for his enthusiasm and good attendance. The following is an introduction written by this student, Bilal, for the student blog:

My name is Mohammad Bilal “Mir Bat Zai”. My father name is Mohammad Dawod and I am from Khost. I was born in Pakistan and I am 15 years old. I am disabled because when I was one year old I got an injection [that ended up disabling the use of both legs].


First Video Entirely Filmed and Edited by a Student!

Over the past few months Skateistan students in each class have had the opportunity to use photo and film cameras to document their activities. Their work so far has featured on the student blog and in the recent videos for the multimedia exchange project. Murtaza, one of the Saturday boys, took on his own video project, filming a skate video of fellow classmates ripping around the Skateistan park and then learning how to edit it himself in the Skateistan office. He also got hold of a techno song from volunteer skate instructor Khalid and the final product is quite something.

Videos: Girls Learning Ollies and Skatepark Tour

The Goerls Skateteam in Berlin sent the Skateistan girls a 'trick tip' video earlier this summer on how to ollie. The girls here in Kabul filmed a response video to say thank you and show them practicing the trick at the Skateistan park. This is the second back-and-forth exchange between girl skaters in Berlin and the girls in Kabul.

Girls Talk Skateboarding, Boys Learn Tucson Slang

As part of the Sharing Perspectives/Small World youth exchange Armada Skateboarding School in Lima, Peru, sent a video last month with some Peruvian girl skaters there introducing themselves and sharing their views on war. The girls at Skateistan watched the video together in art class and a handful then took some time to introduce themselves and their country in a response video. Check it out below:

Multimedia Exchange Project Taking Shape

The Sharing Perspectives/Small World exchange project between Skateistan students and youth in countries around the world is picking up momentum. Recent activities include video exchanges with girl skaters in Peru and blog exchanges with schools in Australia and the US. The Sharing Perspectives project began this past spring, and will hopefully continue indefinitely. Using multimedia and the internet as tools, Skateistan students and young people worldwide get a chance to learn about each other and their countries.