Student Blog

Summer 2012 Classroom Activities

Over the past several months hundreds of kids have been participating in different, fun activities at Skateistan in Kabul. They are now in the sixth week of their semester, which is on the topic of Nature and Natural Resources.

In the first few weeks they learned about nature, natural resources, finished products, renewable and nonrenewable resources. In order to get awareness of the beautiful nature around them, they went to different green spaces in Kabul and drew the nature. Then as a sample of natural resource they worked with paper, making collages and working on paper weaving. They made baskets, bracelets, boxes, and different designs based on paper weaving. At first we taught the students how to make a simple design of weaved paper and in coming weeks we will teach more difficult and complicated designs to them. The students have shown huge interest and attention in it and they really enjoyed the hands-on activities, as well as starting to think about where things come from.


Winter, the hardest season for Afghan street kids.

Every day thousands of children walk through the streets of Kabul, where their world is covered with a white sheet of snow and the winds chill them to the bone. Many of these children work the whole day to help their families survive, usually without proper clothing. Some of those kids have joined our “Back to school” program where they get prepared for government schools, but at the moment the biggest help we can try to provide for them is getting them warm and geared up for this very cold winter. Today, Skateistan gave them some warm clothes.

Book Making Again!

Last semester after receiving cards from students in Florida our students made some books for them over several weeks.

We sent them with Morgan Dewey, one of Skateistan's volunteer teachers, when she returned to the USA. Morgan brought them to the school in Florida and got great feedback from the students there (Morgan pictured with Florida students below).

Astronomy at Skateistan

Skateistan students have recently been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn about astronomy and amazing facts about the sky that they see every day.

Afghanistan Astronomy Association started a four week workshop for Skateistan students to give them enough information about astronomy and the planet. The first day was quite interesting for teachers.

Students of Skateistan are future of Afghanistan

Wood carving is an ancient tradition in Afghanistan.  Afghans were using the art of wood carving for a variety of purposes. For instance, in Nuristan province carvings in wooden chairs and doors were used to symbolize the social status of a person - it was a part of their culture. Unfortunately, three decades of war have destroyed almost all of these ancient carvings.  But now Skateistan students want to revive this art, so we have decided to work on wood carving for this semester.

One Week of Henna!!!

The girls at Skateistan have been using their artistic talent and creativity in many new and exciting ways. Henna is an important aspect of our culture; it is widely used in wedding ceremonies and Eid celebrations. In recent weeks these girls have made some beautiful and spectacular designs on many skateboards.

Drawing Class

Students in skateistan have started  drawing  in 7th semester and gradually they learn drawing rules.

At first it is difficult for students to draw something but gradually they get familiar with drawing and can draw something.

They are learning  how to work practically and they  are very interested in drawing .

They are happy to work in a group and learn from each other.



We finished the books

In our Book Making class the students finished making their books for the kids in Florida. The kids in Florida sent us some postcards and the students at Skateistan are going to send them books. Students put information about Afghanistan, their daily life, and designed it with the knowledge of collage which they learned in their art classes.



One of the Students with his finished book