Student Blog

The Future of Afghanistan

Messages for the Skateistan students in 2019.

Last semester, Skateistan’s curriculum covered the future. In this semester we made predictions about what the future will look like, what we would like to do in the future, and created and built inventions of things that might be useful in the future. This was the first time that many of us thought five or ten years in the future. 

Go Skateboarding Day in Kabul

Skateistan celebrated international Go Skateboarding Day with more than 150 students, both boys and girls. This was a historical day for Skateistan as students and their families expressed their love for skateboarding and everything Skateistan has achieved. Everyone came to celebrate their love for skateboarding, like skaters in countries all over the world.

Students made a banner for Go Skateboarding Day

Children Creatively Map Their Communities

A female student studies a detailed map of Afghanistan during the mapping semester.

After finishing the 11th semester on colours, Skateistan Kabul started the new semester on mapping.  This semester included different activities, games, online learning, drawing, spray painting the walls of Skateistan, and many more things that we can’t say in one or two pages...

Puppet Show at Skateistan

There is no doubt that puppet shows can be entertaining for people of all ages. A puppet show can tell stories and convey messages, especially to youth, that sometimes an average actor cannot. Children often pay closer attention to what is being by the said by the puppets, and can learn lessons in a very easy format. A puppet show is a great way to entertain children, teach new ideas, and be an important part of the educational process.