Skateistan Students Learn all About Food

Skateistan Kabul’s 13th  semester was all about food and nutrition. Students learned about the plant growing process, how to grow food, and different types of fertilizers. After that, students planted turnips, radishes and wheat that they continued to take care of by watering and laying fertilizer.

Students also learned about different food factories like the Kabul silo to learn about bread making processes. They watched videos of local and foreign food factories to learn about what different foods contain, how different ingredients are good and bad for our health, and also about traditional foods from different countries.

After learning about different foods, the students learned about cooking and got to cook together in the classroom. Everyone had lots of fun.  Some of the students didn’t know how to cook, and everyone learned to make special Afghan foods like Ashak, Chapli Kebab, and Pakawra.  This was especially interesting for some of the boys who don’t cook at home.  The students made everything themselves, and in one class the older students made food for the younger students to eat!

During the semester, students were taught about food cleanliness and how to keep food and hands clean.  To learn about hand washing, students participated in an activity where glitter represented germs on their hands, and they experimented with different ways of washing off the glitter, including soap, sand, and ash. Students also performed theatre plays about cleanliness.

Finally, students put on a play marketplace where they learned about buying and selling food and basic economics.