Student Council Starts Again

Madina speaking about representers responsibilities

Madina explains the responsibilities of the student representatives

After a break, the students of Skateistan Kabul have decided to elect new class representatives to run the student council meetings again.

The student council meetings will be held on the first Saturday of every month, and consists of 16 class representatives: one for each of the 16 classes that run at Skateistan Kabul throughout the week.  Each member has been selected by their classmates to represent the hope, wishes and problems of that class, what they want to learn at Skateistan, and how we can improve the lessons, activities and overall environment of Skateistan.

The student council representatives hold their position on the council for 6 months (6 council meetings), after which each class will once again select a student to represent them.

The first meeting of the new student council was on Saturday the 11th of May 2013. The meeting was chaired by Rahmatullah, the Kabul program assistant, with the help of the education team.

The student representatives discussed the ideas and suggestions from Skateistan pupils in order to help improve Skateistan’s activities. In the first meeting, we discussed the roles and responsibilities of representatives, and explained ways in which they could listen to their fellow classmates’ issues. During each student’s speech, we served them a cup of tea and asked them to identify the problems arising in their classes over the next month so that they could be addressed for the next student council meeting.

Madina get hear to students problems

Madina listens to the students' problems.

The responsibilities of student council members are given below:

  • Representing the problems of her or his class, at Skateistan and outside in Afghanistan.
  • Helping with events and ceremonies organized at Skateistan.
  •  Organizing students when the teacher is not in the classroom.
  • Helping the teacher in the classroom.
  • Taking students from the classroom to the skate park and from the skate park to the classroom.
  • Helping students during their lessons.
  • Helping students in the wearing of safety gear.
  • Identifying ways in which Skateistan can be improved.

Values and principles that class representatives thought are most important about Skateistan:

  • Skateistan is a place for friendship.
  • Skateistan is a place to express yourself creatively.
  • We learning things for free at Skateistan.
  • Skateistan is nice and beautiful place that is unlike anywhere in Afghanistan.
  • Skateistan is peaceful place for girls and boys.
  • We love Skateistan.
  • Skateboarding is like flying in the sky.

Issues that were brought up:

  • Before Skateistan provided milk, but now they don’t.
  • Before Skateistan provided transportation for boys but now they don’t.
  • Other parts of Skateistan are outstanding.

Imran discusses the problems of his class with the student council

Imran discusses the problems of his class with the student council.

Break for drinking tea

The student council breaks for a cup of tea.

Explianing how to solve student's problems

The council discuss how they will go about solving the problems raised.