The Future of Afghanistan

Messages for the Skateistan students in 2019.

Last semester, Skateistan’s curriculum covered the future. In this semester we made predictions about what the future will look like, what we would like to do in the future, and created and built inventions of things that might be useful in the future. This was the first time that many of us thought five or ten years in the future. 

Burying the time capsule.

As part of the semester, we built a time capsule for the Skateistan students to open in five years. First we wrote our messages to our future friends on paper, and then put them in a box and buried it.

“I learned lots of things in this semester, and also it helped me to be hopeful about the future. Now, in 2019, we will be able to remember our history and our hopes from 2014, get knowledge from them and bring some changes for the future.”

-Samim, Student Council Member, 17

“If we have hopes and dreams for the future, we can set goals. If we have goals, we will then work to reach them.”

-Samira, Student Council Member, 17

The time capsule is ready!

“Dreams can make our future. By having dreams we have a motivation to work for our goals and work towards what we want to have in the future. My favorite lesson in this semester was writing our hopes on the colorful papers with nice style photos, and writing our message for the other students of Skateistan.”

-Shabnam, student, 15

We did it!

“Everyone should have some hopes and goals to have successful life. If we do not have any dreams we cannot continue our life. Our wishes, our hopes, our dreams make our future. If we trust in ourselves and our ability, and if we have strong self-confidence, we will have bright and successful future.  I want to be a doctor and help my people - this is my hope, my goal and I will work to reach it.”

-Nelofar, Skateistan Youth Leader, 19