Go Skateboarding Day in Kabul

Skateistan celebrated international Go Skateboarding Day with more than 150 students, both boys and girls. This was a historical day for Skateistan as students and their families expressed their love for skateboarding and everything Skateistan has achieved. Everyone came to celebrate their love for skateboarding, like skaters in countries all over the world.

Students made a banner for Go Skateboarding Day

Students sharing their boards to enjoy both Go Skateboarding Day and unity

On the day, students played with their skateboards outside of the skatepark. Skating on the streets was a new experience for many, and they were very happy to try it out. In Afghanistan there are days for mothers, fathers, women and workers, so to have a day just for skaters is something very special. Students were very proud and happy to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day because they now have a day to call their own. Our students told Skateistan’s Communication Officer, Hamdullah, that they want to continue to skate because it gives them a reason to be a part of a community. They want people to see them skating on the street and say, ‘hey, check out those skateboarders!’

Students experiencing street skating

Music teachers Dhol and Sornay led the street skate all around the neighborhood. Back at the skatepark students then sang songs together and made speeches about skateboarding. After that there was a skate competition for both boys and girls, who all tried their very best to win. Skateboards and safety gear were the dream prizes on offer. Skateistan teachers, Farid and Merza, judged the competition and they chose Hajera Shazea Nabela Natasha, Fayaz, Mobasher, Mojeeb, Shabeer as the winners. These guys were all treated like heroes on the day.

Students going back to the park with Dhol and Sornay


Interview: Parwiz, Skateistan Student

Skateistan’s Communications Officer, Hamdullah, interviewed 16-year-old Skateistan student, Parwiz, on Go Skateboarding Day.

Why are you celebrating Go Skateboarding Day?

Because I want others to know this day and sport in Afghanistan.

How important is this day in your life?

For me it’s a really important day because at first I didn’t participate in this day, but now I can join in and introduce this day to others, and I can have good time with my friends.

How important is skateboarding in your life?

Skateboarding is a part of my life, I want to become a professional skateboarder.

There are about 400 students participating in this event. Do you think this day can help to find new friends?

Yes, I am sure that I will be able to find new friends, and I think this day is a good opportunity to do this.

What is your dream for Skateistan?

My dream is for Skateistan to develop more, and I wish that Skateistan will become one of the top three world skate organizations.


Happiness of Shazea after winning a Skateboard

Students are motivating their favorite skater