Students Excited to Start 2nd Grade

The Back-to-School boys practise reading aloud in class

While last year’s Back-To-School students in Kabul are now attending Afghan government schools as fourth graders, this year’s students have finished their first semester and are beginning second grade.  The program’s 20 boys and 20 girls are very excited to become fully literate.

Every day 40 students aged 6 to 17 come to Skateistan Kabul to learn Dari, Islamic studies, Math, Calligraphy, and Adab e zindag (life skills).  Once a week, students also get a chance to play their favorite sports, such as basketball, football, and volleyball. The students really enjoy the Back-to-School program. 

“Before Skateistan, we didn’t know about anything. We were blind humans. Now our lives have changed very much. Now we know what is good and what is bad in life.”

The students hope to become doctors, teachers, and journalists. The new second graders also had a message for those who are out of school:

“They should learn because life is impossible without education.  They should learn for their future, and for their country’s reconstruction.”

Thanks to all of our supporters, especially the Blossom Hill Foundation for their support of this year's Back-to-School program, as well as the Embassy of Denmark and Embassy of Norway in Kabul for their core support to Skateistan's work in Afghanistan. We look forward to providing the gift of education to even more children.

Two female students work on their exams

A Back-to-School student feeling proud of her achievements

Two students getting a bit distracted.