Skateistan partners with HDX Hydration Mix

There is now a new way to support Skateistan, and enjoy some natural, eco-friendly hydration at the same time. We are proud to announce our partnership with HDX Hydration Mix through its Purchase with Purpose program, which passes on 25% of sales to select charities (link at end of post). The company has developed a sports performance hydration powder, made with natural ingredients, along with a range of durable refill bottles in which to mix the powder with water. As they say themselves, it's about “Refill. Not landfill.”

“Skateistan is excited to be involved with such an innovative drinks company that has proven its commitment to environmental protection, social responsibility and health,” said our Executive Director, Oliver Percovich. “HDX and Skateistan share these values, as well as the ambition to do things that no one else thought possible in our respective fields.”

HDX feels that it is important to support groups and organizations that are doing good work. “Our motto is to give until it helps,” said HDX Founder, Vipe Desai. “This program allows us to not only do that, but also raise awareness for these non-profits. It’s part of HDX’s core values to support the community and this on-going effort is a unique way to do so.“

As one of the first charities to be selected for the program, Skateistan will receive 25% of sales through its page on the HDX website. Learn more about HDX’s Purchase with Purpose program here and more about its unique hydration mix here.