Afghan Volunteer Brings Skating to Pakistan

Skateistan's IT guy this past summer, Siar Ahmadi, has headed back to Islamabad, Pakistan, to finish his high school studies. Skateistan is sorry to see him go, but since Siar wants to stay involved with the NGO in the long-term, he was sent off with three extra skateboards to get a Skateistan project in neighbouring Pakistan started.

Photos of the first two public skateboard sessions have been put up on the Skateistan-Pakistan Facebook page. It's always exciting to see someone go from a beginner to a teacher, sharing the passion for skateboarding with others.

"Finding the first student was more than hard, but once I found one... everything is now really good, they even take my own skateboard to skate," says Siar, adding "I don't even take a one day holiday because kids start beating on my door... 'are you coming out today?'"

Siar is a young Afghan who has been living and studying in Pakistan. He got into skateboarding in 2006, when a visiting uncle left him a skateboard, and is almost certainly Pakistan's first skateboarder. Siar stumbled across Skateistan a couple summers ago while visiting family in Kabul and began volunteering full-time at Skateistan in June 2010. He hopes to pursue Computer Science in college next year.