Everyone needs a place where they can feel safe.

For many of our students, that place is Skateistan.

$200,000 GOAL


For many of our students, day-to-day life can feel uncertain, even insecure. Conflict, poverty and fear are things which children should not have to face, but all too often, this is part of their everyday lives.

Our Skate Schools provide a haven, a place where students know they are safe, not only from the dangers of the outside world, but from discrimination and judgement. Within the walls of Skateistan, children are safe to express themselves, make mistakes, play and have fun. It's this freedom and security that gives children the chance to develop their talents, explore their interests and start to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Donate today to give a child a place where they feel free from fear.

Mony's Story Meet Mony. She's 11 and lives near the Skate School in Phnom Penh. Mony was struggling with her behaviour, but Skateistan Educators found a way to connect with her and help her to change.
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