Skateistan celebrates International Day for Sport for Development and Peace 2021

Skateistan celebrated the International Day for Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) earlier this month on April 6, 2021. IDSDP is an annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding. Skateistan works on the model of empowering children through skateboarding and education, and we know how powerful sport is as a tool for change and building stronger futures for our students all over the world.

A key theme for IDSDP 2021 is resilience and the need for sport to help communities build back better. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the importance of sport and physical activity for communities in challenging times. Skateistan programs play an important role in helping the communities we’re a part of, and our programs provide the tools to help our students navigate challenges by using sport as a tool for resilience. 

IDSDP 2021 in Bamyan.

In Bamyan Afghanistan, our team celebrated IDSDP 2021 with staff, youth leaders, and students. This was the first time that IDSDP had been recognized and celebrated in Bamyan Province, and we were happy to celebrate the role of sport in peace with students in Skateistan programs. To start the day, Skateistan Bamyan Programs Officer, Mubaraka, spoke about the  role of sport in bringing peace and development in a community. This was the first time that many of our students there learned about IDSDP, and our students thought about the important role that sport plays in their lives. To celebrate, the whole group went skating on the streets of Bamyan and arrived at the new Skate School location to see the updates on the build of the skatepark. 

We caught up with Mubaraka to talk to her about celebrating IDSDP with students in Skateistan programs.

Students in Bamyan.

“Skateistan is an NGO that provides sport opportunities for children of different countries, so it is really important for all the students of each Skate School to know about the importance of sport and its important role to bring peace and development in a community.”- Mubaraka

For Skateistan students, often the first time they hear about IDSDP is from their educators in their programs. 

“I remember the first time that I came to Bamyan to start [Skateistan] programs. When we started to run the Outreach program, first there were only a few children who participated in the Outreach program but day by day the number of participants became more and more till the time that we were able to have lots of students in the Outreach sessions in a short time.” - Mubaraka

We talked about the role of skateboarding in the community.

“What does it mean? It means that skateboarding was the only reason for all the students to come together and practice skating together. Overall we can say that all the sports are the same and as well skateboarding. Sport helps people to come together and make a powerful community. As one of our students mentioned, he used to not know anyone in his neighborhood but since joining the skateboarding programs he was able to make lots of new friends.”



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