In 2011 36 streetworking children graduated from Skateistan’s Back-to-School program. In 2010, Skateistan sent 29 children “Back-to-School”.

This year, 20 girls and 20 boys from a nearby refugee camp are attending Skateistan five times per week to get the education, support, and supplies they need to enrol or re-enrol into the Afghan public school system. Only 12% of Afghan women are literate (the lowest female literacy rate in the world), so for Skateistan’s female students, this program is especially important. Girls who attend the “Back-to-School” program spend 12 months learning everything they need to know for Grades 1-3, including Dari, Mathematics, and Religious studies. Back-to-School kids also eat lunch together every day at the skatepark, and spend one afternoon in the skatepark each week.

In addition to a female teacher, Skateistan employs a female Student Support Officer to not only help these children enrol in school, but also to follow their individual progress. As the contact point between Skateistan, their families, and their new public schools, Skateistan’s Student Support Officer ensures these girls and boys continue their education for years to come.