Conflict in Afghanistan has been largely ongoing since 1978, leading to severe social disruption, limited educational opportunities and extreme poverty. Children and young people make up over two thirds of Afghanistan’s population and Kabul itself houses a population nearly ten times that of the country’s second largest city.

Kabul, Afghanistan is where Skateistan first began and is home to our flagship Skate School. The facility was completed in 2009 on rent-free land donated by the Afghan National Olympic Committee. As well as classrooms and an indoor skatepark, the Skate School also includes a sports hall with a rock-climbing wall, and gym area for sports such as soccer and basketball. The Skate School is open five days a week. Our Educators also travel to local partner organizations where they are able to provide opportunities to more children around Kabul to try skateboarding and learn with us. We host specific girls-only days, with female only Educators plus transport for female students to and from the Skate School. The staff, with the help of Youth Leaders, run regular events at the Skate School to celebrate graduations and other notable happenings.

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Updates from Kabul
Back on Board: Meet Basmina
Our Back on Board campaign aims to raise $125,000 to support our students as they return to Skate School. Meet Basmina, a student in Kabul who learned lots about herself during lockdown.
International Women’s Day: Make some space
International Women’s Day is always a special day at Skateistan. In our Skate Schools around the world, students and staff celebrate the achievements of women and enjoy the freedom and safety that Skate School provides.
Skateistan Alumni: Sulaiman's story
When Sulaiman was 12, he started coming to Skateistan. He showed amazing leadership skills and was soon given responsibility to help other students. Those things he learned at Skateistan are still fuelling his dreams today.
Curriculum update: Managing anger
As part of our Skate and Create program, we aim to teach children skills which are useful in the rest of their lives. Some of these are practical skills, and others are so-called softer skills, such as anger management.
Good news for girls: Skateistan and Be That Girl Foundation are teaming up!
The wheels are in motion: Skateistan and Be That Girl Foundation are teaming up to inspire and empower ever more girls to dare to determine their own future! Find out more about this new partnership and what it will mean for girls at Skateistan.
Skateistan Alumni: Hosai's story
We are excited to share this story of a former student in Kabul. The Alumni Network is a new project, which connects our former students with each other, shares opportunities and celebrates their success.
Some moments to celebrate from Kabul
2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and that's especially true for Kabul, Afghanistan. However, there have been some moments to celebrate lately.
What Skateistan learned about: running remote programs during a global pandemic
In our series ‘What Skateistan learned about’, we share stories, successes and challenges from the perspective of a non-profit organization operating in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia.
It's Zarafshan's Turn
Meet Zarafshan, who is 13 and lives in Kabul. Zarafshan was scared because she thought her teachers would be unkind. But her Educator, Malalai, showed her the kindness is the best way to learn.
Measuring impact at Skateistan: Social Return on Investment
Recently, we embarked on a project to measure the social return on funds invested in Skateistan. Thanks to the efforts of three amazing volunteers, we can now calculate the social value of our programs! How do we do that? Read on!