International Women’s Day: Make some space

This year, we’re working together with The Skateroom to introduce you to some of our most talented skateboarders in Afghanistan. Arezo*, Belqisa, Saeeda and Marzia have all been in our programs for some time and they are incredible skaters. Over the years, they have built their skills and now they are inspiring a younger group of girls to follow in their footsteps. These girls are not afraid to take up space and to push their dreams and ambitions. In a country where girls are often prohibited from taking part in any sport and physical activity, these girls are the embodiment of defying expectations.

We’re also super excited to be able to share some incredible new photos with you. Late last year, talented photographer Juliette Cassidy travelled to Mazar-e-Sharif to meet our students. Her beautiful images of our students in Afghanistan are a perfect representation of what we work towards for girls. To own your space, to push boundaries, to push for your own ambitions.

This International Women’s Day, make some space for girls to dream bigger. Donate today


*Name changed in accordance with Skateistan's Child Protection Policy.