Support from Strider

Young Strider saw a piece about Skateistan on CNN and was immediately fascinated: “I did not know that kids like me skated in Afghanistan”. Driven by a wish to help the kids in Kabul, he decided to raise money by running a lemonade stand outside his house. He discussed this idea with his parents and they encouraged him to put his idea to work. Strider set up his stand during Labour Day. He attached some information about Skateistan which explained to passersbyers what he was doing and at the end of the day he had raised a very respectable $18.50 from selling the lemonade.

The whole Skateistan team was very impressed by Strider’s initiative and we want to encourage more children from around the world to help kids in Afghanistan. If you have an idea about how to raise some money for Skateistan, please contact us at