Skateistan Selected as Top 100 NGO

We are extremely proud to announce that Skateistan has been named in position 85 of the Global Journal’s Top 100 NGOs. Skateistan also featured as one of the most promising new NGOs worldwide.

“In the process of producing this year’s ranking, four young NGOs
 stood out for their out-of-the-box thinking and willingness to dream big despite modest beginnings. While it is still too early to gauge the true impact these organizations will ultimately have, each impressed us with their innovation and long-term view.”

- P79, Jan/Feb 2013, The Global Journal.

The Global Journal’s list of Top 100 NGOs is the only international ranking of its kind, and aims to bring attention to the dynamic, innovative and inspiring NGO sector which encompasses some 10 million organizations.  To gain notoriety and  recognition in the NGO sector for our innovation and success whilst Skateistan is still a relatively young organization is a great honour, and our appearance in  the Top 100 NGOs will only aid Skateistan in its ability to impact the lives of young children across the world. We would also like to congratulate Friends International, our partner NGO in Cambodia, who appeared at position 61 in the Top 100 list.

According to The Global Journal, they considered approximately 450 NGOs based on impact, innovation and sustainability. The publication also considered effectiveness, efficiency and value for money, transparency and accountability, strategic and financial management, and peer review to create the list, according to Velina Stoianova from Global Humanitarian Assistance. Skateistan is pleased to be achieving a high standard of performance in these areas, which present an important challenge to NGOs.

“For anyone concerned with the future, innovation, impact and sustainability provide a good compass,”

- Jean-Christophe Nothias, Editor for The Global Journal.

What is Skateistan?

 "I work with many NGOs in America and have to say I am very impressed with how organized, efficient and attuned Skateistan is in addressing the needs and promoting a better tomorrow for the kids. One day I will have to come visit and learn how you do it so well."

- Lori West, North Carolina, USA, Skateistan Monthly Donor

Skateistan began as a Kabul-based Afghan NGO, and now operates projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Pakistan, with a second facility opening in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, in 2013. Skateistan focuses on reaching out to girls and working children, using skateboarding as a tool for developing leadership opportunities, and building friendship, trust, and social capital among its students. While skateboarding is the initial way to get students involved, Skateistan is then able to provide access to education and platforms for self-expression that help break the cycles of poverty and exclusion. 

Across its programs worldwide, Skateistan works with nearly 600 youth each week, has registered over 2000 students since 2007, and currently has over 2000 young people involved in its skate and educational activities each year. Of these participants, 40% are female and over 50% are street working youth. Over 35 students have become peer-to-peer teachers at Skateistan, and the NGO has been continuously successful at fostering local project direction, while sustaining broad international support.

Skateistan’s plans for 2013 and the future

2013 will see Skateistan go from strength to strength with the continued expansion and recognition of our Cambodia project working within the established NGO community in Phnom Penh. A second Skateistan facility in Afghanistan is scheduled to open early in 2013. The combined skateboarding and educational facility in Mazar-e Sharif will allow us to expand our program’s reach in Afghanistan from 400 students to 1400 each week. This will create a huge opportunity for more Afghan girls to access education and a safe place to build confidence.

With two of our project sites in the infancy, during 2013 Skateistan we will be concentrating on building up our 3 facilities and solidifying our education and creative arts programs. We will be focusing more on providing vocational training, with the aim to provide greater access to education and future opportunities for girls and street working children.

Through our international network and exchange programs with partner NGOs we hope to continue our innovative approach to programing, and develop our students’ ability to become leaders within their own communities and role models internationally.

In the midst of this growth and increased impact ahead of us in 2013, we are excited to be sharing our new book  “Skateistan: A Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan,” which tells the story of our grassroots beginnings in Kabul.

Skateistan came 85 in the Global Journal's Top 100 NGO
Skateistan entered the global Journals Top 100 NGO ranking at position 85

Most promising NGOs skateistan
Skateistan was named one of the most promising new NGOS