Skateistan in Photos

A nice photo is worth a thousand words. “Skateistan in Photos” is a photo series exploring the activities in and outside of the Skateistan facilities.
Skateistan in Photos displays the everyday lives of young Afghan girls and boys who are a part of Skateistan, be it through our Back To School programs, girls’ classes, Yak Daqa video series, or simply through skateboarding in the park or on the streets of Afghanistan and Cambodia.
After capturing Skateistan in photos, we choose the best images of skateboarding on the streets of Kabul or our favorite everyday moments in the lives of young Afghans. These photographs give an alternative and thoughtful view of Afghanistan, which differs greatly from the negative images shown in the media.
This picture series shows how Skateistan connects with the youth of Afghanistan and Cambodia through skateboarding and youth development programs. It showcases their passion for skateboarding, education and life, enabling youth to develop a voice and become part of their larger communities as agents of change.

Kabul Dreams Play Skateistans first indoor rock concert to celebrate Teachers day​​

Skateistan in Photos -  Afghanistan's 1st rock band Kabul Dreams joined Skateistan's students and staff in celebration of "Teacher's Day". Typically a time for students to celebrate the importance of teachers and education, this year we decided to host a special concert to celebrate students and teachers alike.

Afghan girls make Afghanistan's 1st skateboard at Skateistan.
Skateistan in Photos: Skateistan teachers Madina, Hanifa and Parisa sand the edges of the very 1st skateboard made in Afghanistan. Youth at Skateistan will produce 10 skateboards to display internationally and exchange with youth in other countries, including a group of Lakota American Indian skateboarders.