Peace and Sport

Skateistan wins "Image of the Year"

Skateistan is honoured to announce that one of our photos has been voted Peace and Sport "Image of the Year". The photo was taken by Jake Simkin on June 21 2011, during Go Skateboarding Day in Kabul. It shows just a few of the 200+ Afghan girls and boys who marked that day by taking to the city streets to celebrate their sport, their culture, and their future.

According to Peace and Sport, over 5,000 people voted to elect the winning image, which got nearly 60% of the votes. Joel Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, announced: "This picture is particularly outstanding. It tells us better than a thousand words that sport is a universal language understood by children around the world, capable of building bridges for understanding and friendship between peoples..." He stated that this photo shows how skateboarding, "acts as a genuine vehicle for peace education, as well as encouraging gender equality and inter-cultural understanding in Afghanistan.”