Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul

In 2009, a feature length documentary on Skateistan was filmed in Kabul, Afghanistan, documenting the growth of the grassroots skateboarding project from skating in the streets to the construction of Afghanistan’s largest indoors sports facility. The documentary also follows the first group of pro skateboarders to ever visit Afghanistan: Kenny Reed, Cairo Foster, Maysam Faraj and Louisa Menke.
“Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul” premiered on the festival circuit in January 2011 and is currently pursuing distribution worldwide.

Full-Length Documentary Release: Nov.13

For the first time, the full-length documentary featuring Skateistan will be available for online viewing. On Nov 13th 'Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul' will be released in the US on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and Xbox Live. The film also premieres in theatres this month in Hamburg (starting Nov.8th), Düsseldorf (starting Nov.13th), San Francisco, and will be released worldwide on DVD soon.

The thought-provoking documentary tells the story of how girls and boys in Kabul discover skateboarding and make it their own, bringing about the birth of the Afghan NGO Skateistan. ‘Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ also includes exclusive footage from a visit to the project by the first professional skateboarders to visit Afghanistan: Louisa Menke, Cairo Foster, Kenny Reed and Maysam Faraj.

The film is the winner of the 2011 Cinema for Peace Berlin award for Most Valuable Documentary, among other strong receptions at several International Film Festivals. This surprising story holds significance to skateboarders around the world, the international aid community, educators, and anyone curious about Afghan culture.

Feature-Length Doc Selected for L.A. Film Fest

We are thrilled to announce that the feature documentary Skateistan: Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul has been selected for competition in this year's Los Angeles Film Festival, to be held June 16th-26th. This follows the film's victory at the Berlin Cinema for Peace Festival, in the "Most Valuable Documentary" category.

Kai Sehr's captivating fly-on-the-wall film is part of the Summer Showcase section, which offers an advance look at this summer's most talked about independent film releases. As such, Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul will be in the running for several prestigious awards, including the Audience Award and Best Documentary Feature. 

Skateistan: Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul follows the organisation and its founders throughout 2009. It captures the highs and lows of their struggle to break down social, gender and ethnic barriers between the youth of war-torn Kabul via the medium of skateboarding. The narrative begins in the early days, when Australians Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan bought a couple of old boards to an empty city fountain. From this humble beginning, we witness the founders' challenging journey towards the construction of a stunning, state of the art indoor skate school.

Full-Length Doc's Worldwide Premiere Jan.29

“Skateistan is the epitome of what skating is all about. Raising awareness and providing that outlet is an incredible accomplishment. I honestly share in the excitement those kids feel!” - Tony Hawk, Skateboard Hall of Fame Inductee

Skateistan is proud to announce the world premiere of the full-length documentary feature SKATEISTAN – Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul. Filmed throughout 2008 and 2009, the film tells the story of the grassroots effort behind the creation of Skateistan, from the beginning. It follows the founders of the NGO, as well as some of the first Aghan youth to step on a skateboard, through both exciting and difficult times. The feature's world premiere will be during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (USA) on Saturday, January 29, 7PM, at the Lobero Theatre.