Skateistan UK - Southbank Skate Session

On Sunday 21 April Skateistan took part in the Alchemy festival at the Southbank Centre in London. Celebrating the best of contemporary music, dance, literature, art, fashion and design in the context of cross cultural relationships. Oliver Percovich, Skateistan’s founder, had been invited to Alchemy to give a talk about Skateistan as part of the festival’s ‘Afghanistan day’.


'Wheels to Grow' - Quiksilver's visit to Skateistan Cambodia

In early December, Javier Mendizabal and the Quiksilver by Vuerich B Project team travelled to Phnom Penh to meet the Skateistan team and their students. This marked the beginning of an exciting new collaboration to release a range of sunglasses made out of recycled skateboard decks to help support Skateistan. Each handcrafted pair of sunglasses is outfitted with top of the line Carl Zeiss lenses, and some of the skate decks were previously used at Skateistan Cambodia.

Show Your Support this 'Go Skate Day'

Skate and Donate GSD 2013 Skateistan

Every June 21 since 2009, Skateistan celebrates International Go Skateboarding Day, along with millions of other skateboarders around the world. In both Afghanistan and Cambodia, kids have taken to the streets on their skateboards to share their love of skateboarding and common identity with people of all backgrounds.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the holiday, which is celebrated through fundraisers, contests, demos, and skate parades through the streets. If you are organizing or joining a Go Skate Day event this year, consider supporting Skateistan's work with vulnerable children by donating or holding a fundraiser. This could be as simple as putting out a donation jar, having a raffle, or donating part of skate contest entry fees. If you'd like to learn more or get a fundraising kit, just e-mail