The Skateistan facility in Kabul has a three faced, 6x9 meter climbing wall which has proved immensely popular amongst the students and staff at Skateistan. It was built in late 2010 with the volunteer assistance of German carpenters and the participation of our staff from start to finish. The Skateistan climbing wall is the only facility of its kind for youth in Afghanistan.
Teaching trust, teamwork, confidence and problem-solving, climbing fits in perfectly with Skateistan's overall philosophy of trust-building, creativity, and empowerment for Afghan girls and boys.

Watch the Skateistan Climbing Video Here

A video about climbing activities at Skateistan has recently been completed, and shows the progress made so far in this new sport to Afghanistan. Teaching trust, confidence and problem-solving, climbing has fitted in perfectly with Skateistan's overall philosophy of trust-building, creativity, and empowerment for Afghan youth of all backgrounds.

Skateistan's climbing wall has been one of the most popular facilities at Skateistan, with dozens of students, local volunteers and staff taking part in various workshops and climbing sessions since it officially opened in late 2010. Climbing demos have been a part of semester events, and climbing lessons for both girls and boys are taught by experienced climbers on staff.

Afghanistan's landscape boasts many natural wonders to challenge rock climbers of all abilities, and with this in mind outings have taken place with staff and students. In spring 2011, young climbers and Skateistan skateboard instructors climbed a rock face in Istalif, notably Faranaz, 14, who was no doubt the first Afghan girl to do an outdoor climb in her country.

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Kabul's First Climbing Wall Built at Skateistan!

A three-faced climbing wall has just become the newest addition to the Skateistan facility, and the first to climb to the top was Benafsha, a young Afghan woman who is also Skateistan's newest staff member. She impressed the onlooking staff and students with her skills, considering it was her first time ever climbing! The 6x9 meter cilmbing wall was built over the past two weeks with the support of the German climbing utility manufacturer T-Wall. Skateistan hopes there will be the same enthusiasm among Kabul's youth for rock climbing as there is for skateboarding.

"Rock climbing is one of the few sports in which students of different skill levels can join in together", T-Wall-CEO Stefan Rybarczyk said. "The students learn about communication, trust, safety and control. They also experience fears, success or community as a team."