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We Won! 2012 'Innovation through Sport' Award

Oliver with Skateistans beyond sport award with Ian Thorpe

In 2011 Skateistan was shortlisted for two Beyond Sport Awards – “Sport for Conflict Resolution” and “Sport for Education”. At the 2012 awards held in London we were once again shortlisted, this time as a candidate for the “Sport for Social Inclusion Award” for our in-depth programming involving girls and streetworking youth. The annual Beyond Sport awards are one of the most prominent and prestigious award events in the sport & development field, worldwide.

We are therefore extremely proud to announce that Skateistan was successful in winning the special jury's award for “Innovation through Sport.” This award is given to the most innovative sport and development organization from a shortlist of 30 projects. With this great honor, we see that through sport (in our case skateboarding!), arts, and creative activities we are able to continually push the limits of what is achievable when reaching out to youth. We are very proud that skateboarding has been able to unite and inspire in such a way, and winning this Beyond Sport award will provide new drive and motivation to reach higher.

Shortlisted for 2012 Beyond Sport Award

We are excited to announce that Skateistan has been shortlisted for the 2012 Beyond Sport awards. Out of the 322 entries, from 135 different countries, only 30 projects were shortlisted.  
In 2011 Skateistan was shortlisted for two Beyond Sport Awards – Sport for Conflict Resolution and Sport for Education.  This year, we have been shortlisted as a candidate for the Sport for Social Inclusion Award due to our in-depth programming with girls and streetworking youth.

Stoked by Your Kind Words on Beyond Sport

A couple days ago we sent out a special e-mail update to our core supporters asking if they could help us win a Beyond Sport award this year by posting a comment in support of our efforts to create positive social change through skateboarding. The response was overwhelming! We set a goal of 100 comments and so far we've already had almost 150 amazing and personal comments from people around the world.

We'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that took some time to say a few kind words and share their love for skateboarding, peace, respect, education, creativity, and sport. Regardless of whether we end up winning any awards this summer, seeing such an outpouring of support from like-minded people means much more.

Frauke teaching girls' class in Kabul.

There were so many insightful, thoughtful postings but we picked out a few excerpts to share:

Nancy Hatch Dupree (Afghanistan Historian): Afghanistan has passed through over thirty years of turmoil during which children grew up in exile surrounded by negative attitudes towards compatriots of different ethnic and secular groups. Suspicions abounded, tolerance, a hallmark, was undermined; trust faded. These children returned to a war-torn city without spaces for play or city-wide interchanges. Skateistan offers them much more than a spacious outlet for healthy sporting activity. Here children of all backgrounds meet, compete, and learn to play and work merrily and respectfully with one another thus setting the patterns for future harmonious interactions through life. Only with such positive attitudes can the nation move forward to take its place with dignity among the comity of nations."

Kerri Hankin: "Are you kidding me? What could be better than seeing Afghan girls on a skateboard? Liberated, courageous and strong girls becomes liberated, courageous and strong women who will ultimately have the power to change a society for the better. Keep it up, Skateistan- your work has more impact than a million diplomats could ever hope for."

Jen O’Brien (pro skater): "Skateboarding gives these kids a sense of freedom, self worth, and happiness. These are the things that are important for the future leaders of one of the most war torn places on the planet. Out of all the chaos, Skateistan is there giving these kids something they might never have had... Hope."

Shortlisted for Two 'Beyond Sport' Awards

Skateistan is very proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for two Beyond Sport Awards this year – both Sport for Education (sponsored by UNICEF) and Sport for Conflict Resolution. Beyond Sport is a "global organisation that promotes, develops and supports the use of sport to drive positive social change across the world". The awards are a chance to highlight the most innovative, standout case studies in sport and development each year. 

Skateistan was one of 35 projects worldwide shortlisted out of nearly 400 applications, and is one of only two projects shortlisted for two awards. While the field of sports and development was once the firm domain of football/soccer activities, the growth and diversity of effective sports projects shine through in this shortlist, which includes 22 different sports from 18 countries. 

By reaching this stage of the judging process, Skateistan has been invited to attend the third annual Beyond Sport Summit, taking place from December 5-8 in Cape Town, South Africa. The Summit and potential awards could provide Skateistan with some extremely useful support towards our goal of achieving donor independence and self-sustainability. The Beyond Sport press release explains: