Back To School

"Back to School" (BTS) is a 12-month program started by Skateistan in 2009 for street working children, refugees, and girls. Recent literacy statistics for Afghan youth aged 15-24 reveal that 49% of young men and only 18% of young women are literate.
Skateistan's Back To School program is divided into three semesters, with each semester being four months long. During each semester students study the equivalent of one grade of school, coming to Skateistan five days a week. The goal of the program is to get children in Afghanistan enrolled or re-enrolled into the public school system. Upon completion of the program students can apply for enrolment into a government school, usually entering the 3rd or 4th grade.
Over 65 Afghan children have been enrolled into school through the program so far, with an additional 40 youth (20 girls, 20 boys) currently attending the 2012/2013 Back to School program each day.

Congratulations to our Back to School Class!

The Back to school class celebrate their graduation

Skateistan is proud to announce the success of our 2012/2013 Back to School (BTS) students in Kabul. After one year of accelerated studying at Skateistan, this year 38 students have successfully passed their tests and joined Afghan public school last month, including 50% girls. None of the BTS students had previously attended public school.