Equal to the time they spend on a skateboard, Skateistan students also get to express themselves through workshops in creative arts, such as photography, film production, theatre, sculpture, spray painting or illustration.
Since our students come from a range of socio-economic and educational backgrounds – with many who are illiterate or have never attended formal schooling – Skateistan uses art to “level the playing field.” Both literate and illiterate youth can participate in creative arts workshops equally, learning new multimedia and problem-solving skills together.

Exhibition: Peacebuilding Through Art

On Sunday, February 6, Skateistan will be hosting an art exhibition entitled Youth, Arts, Peace! (YAP!), displaying the artwork of its students, aged 5-19. Created during a series of arts-based workshops at Skateistan, the artwork represents a youth dialogue on peace, through creative expression. The work was produced by girls and boys from a range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, offering a unique insight into how Afghan youth perceive their country and what they hope for the future.


Photojournale Features Student Photo Essay

Photojournale, a leading online photojournalism website, recently published a collection of photos entitled "Heart of Kabul" and taken by two Skateistan students: Ahmad Noman Stanekzai, 15, and Mohammed Naveed, 16. The street photography was taken as part of their classroom studies at Skateistan in photojournalism, on the themes of environmental health and life in Kabul.