Considering the country’s recent political history — not to mention its longstanding social barriers — Skateistan believes that the community-building effects of skateboarding are especially powerful in Afghanistan. Operating as an Afghan NGO, Skateistan builds cross-cultural understanding and develops youth confidence, leadership, and life skills.
With 68% of the population under the age of 25 (and 50% under the age of 16), it is vital that development efforts in Afghanistan engage with youth immediately, especially providing opportunities for young Afghan girls.

Citizens of Skateistan: The Educators

In December, we launched the Citizens of Skateistan. Our international community of supporters, skaters, students and staff, who united together to support skateboarding and education around the world. Around 1600 youth come to Skateistan each week, here are the stories of the Educators and Citizens of Skateistan who help make it possible. 

Citizens of Skateistan: Farzad's Story

Skateboarding unites people all over the world, so in honor of that fact, this month's Keep Skateistan Rolling will showcase the faces and stories of the supporters, students, skateboarders and staff who are a part of what we do. As Citizen's of Skateistan, they share a dream of bringing children together through skateboarding and education. Here is Farzad's story...