Welcoming Sarah Meurle to the Citizens of Skateistan family

Stoked to announce that Sarah Meurle is a new member of the Citizens of Skateistan family. Citizens of Skateistan is our global community of students, staff, skaters and supporters who share the dream of empowering youth through skateboarding and education. 

Sarah Meurle is a professional skateboarder from Sweden and is sponsored by Nike SB, Poetic Collective, Streetlab, Stance, Rockstar Bearings. She is one of the top women to watch right now in skateboarding, and credits her drive and motivation for her accomplishments. 

Sarah grew up in a small village called Blentarp, located in the Swedish country-side near Malmö. She jumped on to the small skateboarding popularity wave with a friend of hers when she was in school as a kid. She attended high school in Malmö, Sweden, one of the most vibrant and creative skate scenes for a teenager to grow up skating in, and was part of the first graduating class of Bryggeriet, a high school dedicated to skateboarding. An impressive accomplishment in its own right, Sarah was given the Best European Female Skateboarder of the Year Award in 2017 as well as 2019. 

Sarah is also very creatively inclined, and through skating became interested in photography and video. In September 2018, she curated the 28th issue of SOLO magazine and became their first female guest editor in chief. Sarah combines her passion of skating and photography to make sense of the world. 

"To have a space and a community where you can play, be yourself, and develop is essential for everybody. Skateistan provides that space through skateboarding and I’m honored to support that.” - Sarah Meurle

We are incredibly excited to welcome Sarah to the Citizens of Skateistan. 


Read more about Sarah Meurle below: 

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