Welcoming Lucy Adams to the Citizens of Skateistan Family

We are so incredibly excited to welcome Lucy Adams to the Citizens of Skateistan family. Citizens of Skateistan is a global community that empowers children through skateboarding and education. Many of you already know Lucy, professional skateboarder for Lovenskate and Vans Europe, and Chair of Skateboard England and Skateboard Great Britain, but you can read her profile below.

Lucy grew up in West Sussex, England, and started skateboarding as a child in 1997 in a town called Crawley, where they had just built a brand new skatepark. At the skatepark she quickly formed a community with all of the other kids that went everyday after school, and her relationship with skateboarding has grown ever since. Lucy’s skateboarding career now stretches over the span of two decades, with twenty-one years on a board. 

In 2017 she turned pro for Lovenskate, an important recognition for Lucy’s 20th year skateboarding. With Skateboard England, Lucy and the team are focused on growing participation in skateboarding at the grassroots level, as well as working with local community authorities to ensure the existence of safe local skate spots. We are so excited to welcome her to the Citizens of Skateistan family this month. Her words speak for themselves! 

"I support Skateistan because the work they do with young people is so important in providing them a space to have fun and experience pure joy. Skateboarding means the world to me and has given me opportunities to travel and meet new friends. Skateistan is affording these experiences to others by passing on the gift of Skateboarding - that is the greatest!”

Thank you so much Lucy for never giving up on skateboarding, being a mentor to young skaters, and believing in everything we do at Skateistan. 


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