Nature Conservation Day at Skateistan

July 28 is World Nature Conservation Day and Skateistan students have marked the day with their creativity. This is an important day for staff and students at Skateistan as we try to protect the environment for future generations. In our Skate and Create program, one of our four curriculum topics is ‘Natural Balance’ which helps students understand and explore the natural world as well as learning about how to protect it.

We also have a ‘Green Team’ which is made up of staff from around the world. The Green Team’s aim is to make our work as sustainable as possible and reduce our environmental impact wherever we can. 

For World Nature Conservation Day, our students have made some beautiful bird feeders to hang in their gardens at home, as well as at their Skate Schools. Using old milk cartons, tissue boxes and yogurt pots, students have created feeders that will be filled with grains and will then provide a little treat for our local bird populations.


Students decorate their bird feeders

This lesson can also take place in the Skate School or at home. Many of our students are still learning from home due to covid-19 lockdowns and our educators have been doing an amazing job of adapting lesson plans so that students can keep progressing. 




Happy Nature Conservation Day from everyone at Skateistan!


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