It's Her Turn

Around the world and in many aspects of life, girls are second in line. Society teaches girls to lower their expectations, to accept second best. Girls are pushed into a role in life which is predetermined. They are prevented from realizing their full potential. 

That's about to change. Now It's Her Turn. 

As of today we have launched a new campaign called It’s Her Turn which highlights and celebrates the way that girls are encouraged and supported at Skateistan. 

From day one, it's been our priority to include and encourage girls. Through skateboarding and creative education, girls at Skateistan find a way to explore their interests, develop their skills and defy society's expectations. We encourage girls to grow within our programs, so that as they get older, they can help younger girls to follow in their footsteps. Our female staff and students inspire others and their wider communities. 

We are proud that all of our Skate Schools are currently managed by women. Around half our students are girls and we strive every day to keep this at 50% or even higher. More than half of our staff worldwide are women and we believe that this is central to proving to girls that they can be whatever they dream of being. 

This campaign aims to raise $75,000 by the end of July so that we can continue to reach girls, provide them with a safe space and role models to inspire them. 

Throughout the campaign, we’ll be sharing the stories of some of our staff and students who have been inspired by women at Skateistan and who, in turn, are supporting others. Stories like that of Sara, in Mazar-e-Sharif, who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. She was inspired by her Coach and Educator, Mubaraka. And who inspired Mubaraka, back when she was a Skateistan student? Her Educator Zainab, who is now Country Manager for Skateistan in Afghanistan. 

Help us to keep this chain going, so that women can inspire and support others. It’s Her Turn. 

How can you help to support It’s Her Turn?


Donate today to show girls that they can be whatever they dream of being. 


Post about our campaign on your social media channels, share our posts and pass on the stories of amazing girls like Sara. 


Start your own fundraiser for Skateistan on Facebook. It’s easy, quick and a perfect way to connect your friends and family with our vision. You can also turn an Instagram Live into a fundraiser - simply select ‘Fundraise’ and ‘Skateistan’ as your non-profit before you begin. 

Our aim is to support girls to build a better future in which they can thrive.  

It's her turn to try, her turn to grow. It's her turn to lead. Donate now. 


*Sara’s name has been changed in accordance with Skateistan’s Child Protection Policy.