Curriculum update: Learning to balance

Over the last few months, Skate and Create students have been following our Natural Balance curriculum, which helps them understand how the natural world works and how we can find healthy balance in our own lives. 


Lessons cover our own balance, like hygiene measures and virus protection, proper handwashing techniques, and healthy nutrition as well as the world around us, such as the lifecycle of plants, food chains and how to protect the environment. 


Some of our students have been learning about the life cycle of honeybees and how important they are to our natural world. As Covid restrictions have meant that students cannot currently be in the Skate School, this lesson was conducted in whatsapp groups with educators. Students split up into smaller groups and role played the different stages of the honeybee’s life; from eggs to larvae, pupae and then adult bees. The students loved imagining themselves in these different stages - this helps them to see their own journey in stages too. After the class, the students turned creative and made their own illustrated versions of the lifecycle of honey bees and sent their pictures to their educators. 


Over in Cambodia, students have been trying their hands at gardening. Covid lockdowns mean that our students in Phnom Penh are still learning from home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their hands dirty and create something beautiful! As part of their lessons on the lifecycle of plants, students have been planting seeds and nurturing them. Chilli and lemongrass have been planted and students will now care for the seeds until they mature into plants. They are really excited to see the fruits of their labor. We hope that soon they’ll be able to bring their plants into the Skate School, but for now, we are happy that their plants are brightening up their homes.

This week we were so stoked to open the doors of our Skate School in Johannesburg again. After another lockdown, students are now coming back to Skate School and getting back on their boards.

We’ve even managed to extend our programs to even younger children, through working with an Early Years partnership. Now kids as young as three can try out skateboarding in a place that feels fun and safe. We are sure their balancing skills will be second to none in no time!


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