A New Chapter in....Atlantis, South Africa

Skateistan has started a new chapter. We’re expanding our programs to reach thousands more children in new locations around the world. By the end of 2022, we aim to be operating in 20 locations and reaching 4,500 students each week. And the good news is, we’ve already begun! Read on to find out more about our new programs running in Atlantis, Western Cape, South Africa.

Location: Atlantis, Western Cape, South Africa
Average number of weekly students: 80
Girls’ participation: 23%
Programs running: Skate and Create, Dropping In

In August, we started running programs in Atlantis, South Africa. Although this is a completely new location for us, we have years of experience of working in South Africa, thanks to our Skate School in Johannesburg. Now we’ve entered into a unique partnership with public schools in the area to bring skateboarding into children’s daily lives. The schools already have simple skateparks and now we’re able to help children, in both high schools and primary schools, build up their skills in the skatepark, as well as learning more about how they can change their communities for the better.