How to make International Women’s Day count this year

This March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by inviting you to join the Citizens of Skateistan.


The Citizens of Skateistan is a global community of students, skaters and supporters who share our vision of empowering children through skateboarding and creative education. By donating $10 per month or more, you can join the Citizens of Skateistan and play a real part in changing the lives of children all over the world. 


8th March is International Women’s Day and this is celebrated in our Skate Schools around the world. 50% of Skateistan students are girls. Through our programs, and with our focus on inclusion, we provide a safe space where girls can express themselves and follow their dreams. International Women’s Day is just one day. But by joining the Citizens of Skateistan, you can make a difference to the lives of girls every day of the year. 


Girls like Natalia, who lives in Johannesburg. Natalia joined the Global Girl Project in South Africa, which helps girls to find their voices, step into leadership and be a force for change in their communities. Natalia said this has given her focus and confidence: “I didn’t even know what I wanted to be, but now I dream big.” 


If you’re already a Citizen of Skateistan, we want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for everything you do to support girls in our programs. You’re part of the most incredible global community which includes role models like Mimi Knoop and Sky Brown, forward-thinking funders like Be That Girl Foundation and The Skateroom and change-making students like Natalia and Sophea


What can Citizens of Skateistan do this International Women’s Day?

Encourage at least one friend to join you and many others to make a difference to the lives of girls. 


What can I do if I’m not yet a Citizen of Skateistan?

You guessed it…join today! Joining the Citizens puts your support for girls on a stable footing and allows us to make long-term plans, such as hiring more female educators, running girls-only sessions and building partnerships like Global Girl Project which give girls a head-start on becoming leaders. 


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The photos in this post were taken by Sara Parson Terras, on a visit to Skateistan programs in Atlantis, South Africa.