Whether it is covid-19, a refugee crisis, or displacement from war or climate change, children bear the brunt of global catastrophes. Children are now more at risk of violence due to living in a place that isn’t safe, more likely to experience trauma and less likely to return to school.

No matter whether it's with refugee children in Europe and the Middle East, children living with disabilities in Asia, and girls in need of safe spaces in South Africa, we support children to learn, play and dream at Skateistan.


Not every child gets to enjoy a full childhood, and Skateistan provides a place of refuge at a very crucial time in their lives.

Skate Beyond Borders

At Skateistan, our students Skate Beyond Borders.

At Skateistan, our students inspire others and their wider communities. We provide safe spaces, so our students can build a better future.

Join the movement that’s beyond borders. Donate today to give children a space where they’re supported, encouraged and celebrated.