Skateistan Team

Although Skateistan began as an Afghan NGO, it has become a worldwide phenomenon involving people all around the world.
Skateistan has 60+ staff worldwide, and dozens more volunteers.

Skateistan International

Oliver Percovich Oliver Percovich
Founder & Executive Director

Oliver Percovich first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while growing up in Papua New Guinea. In 1995 he competed in the Mystic Cup, an international skateboarding contest in Prague. He's worked at the Center for Risk and Community Safety on emergency management projects for various Australian government departments. He came to Kabul in February 2007, bringing his skateboards with him.

Oliver can be contacted at
Claire Dugan Claire Dugan
Deputy Executive Director

Claire grew up in Wellington, New Zealand but also spent parts of her childhood in Germany and the United States. At University Claire gained a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) and a Bachelor of Arts (German) before working as an accountant for a public practice. After obtaining her Chartered Accountancy, Claire left New Zealand to explore overseas. In February 2012 she joined the Skateistan team as the Finance Director in Berlin. In January 2016, Claire moved into the role of Deputy Executive Director.

Claire is Berlin-based and can be contacted at or +49 (30) 914 921 01.

Brandon Gomez Brandon Gomez
Operations Director

Brandon Gomez started skateboarding when he was 14 years old. Originally from the Philadelphia area, he earned a B.S. in Communications Media from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and went on to get his Masters in Media Studies from Syracuse University. He has been working with children of all ages since he was in high school himself. Since starting with Skateistan in 2011, he has been pushing the students in the skatepark and providing operations direction in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

Brandon can be contacted at
Rory Burke Rory Burke
HR Director

Rory comes to Skateistan from California, USA and has served as a collegiate lacrosse coach for the last eight years at Chapman University, where he recently earned a Masters Degree in International Studies, focusing on Sport for Development projects worldwide. Originally from Colorado, Rory has been involved in skateboarding since childhood. He put to use his coaching and teaching skills firstly as a volunteer at Skateistan Cambodia in 2010/2011, and now works as the HR Director for Skateistan International.

Rory can be contacted at
Talia Kaufman
Programs Director

Talia started out as a Skateistan volunteer in Phnom Penh in September 2012, and has since worked at both Afghan project sites and South Africa. She became our global Programs Director in November 2013. Talia holds a diploma in Journalism Arts, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies from the University of Calgary. She has several years experience doing public health education for youth and adults at a non-profit in her hometown of Calgary, Canada, and has also coached gymnastics and skateboarding for youth of all ages. Talia is glad to be able to combine her passion for community education with her love of skateboarding.

Talia can be contacted at
Erika Kinast
Development Director

Erika first became involved with Skateistan as a volunteer in Afghanistan for the second half of 2010. A skateboarder since 2004, she put her management, coaching and skateboard skills to use in Kabul as Education Coordinator. Since leaving Afghanistan she has become the worldwide Development Director for Skateistan International. Born in Canada, she is currently living in Berlin, Germany, working on a M.A in English Language, Literature and Culture at the Freie Universitaet Berlin.

Erika is Berlin-based and can be contacted at or +49 (30) 914 921 01.
Manuel Bergler Manuel Bergler
IT Manager

Manuel became a part of the Skateistan team shortly after the HQ settled in Berlin in 2012. Since then he has been using his skills to maintain and develop various IT-related projects. In 2015 he finished his degree in Computer Engineering and started working remotely as a freelancer from Mexico City.

Manuel can be contacted at
Jan Rosström Jan Rosström
Art Direction

Jan started out at Skateistan as a graphic design volunteer in the winter of 2013 at the HQ in Berlin. He is currently working to finish his Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication at Lahti Institute of Design in Finland. As a freelance graphic designer since 2008, he has worked mostly with NGOs and non-profit organisations. He finds print, and especially editorial and book design interesting. In the future he wants to expand into motion graphics or become a fine carpenter.

Jan can be contacted at
Stephen Little Stephen Little
Finance Officer

Stephen completed his bachelor studies in Business in Germany. Since than he has worked mainly in the non-profit sector. His involvement with Skateistan started in early 2014 volunteering in the Berlin office.

Stephen is Berlin-based and can be contacted at

Felix Spowage
Development Assistant

Felix started skateboarding while growing up in South East England. After moving to London to study English Literature and Journalism, Felix also worked and volunteered within a number of homelessness charities. He gained experience in support work, fundraising, administration and writing in the charity sector.  Felix began volunteering within Skateistan's development department shortly after moving to Berlin.


Skateistan Afghanistan




Abdul Qudos Amini Abdul Qudos Amini
Site Operations Manager

Abdul was born in Pakistan and grew up in the Jowzjan province of Afghanistan. He recently acquired his Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from the National Institute of Management and Administration in Kabul. He began volunteering with Skateistan in December 2009 and now works as the Site Operations Manager for Skateistan Kabul.

Abdul can be contacted at or +93 796 292 012
Treena Hakimi Treena Hakimi
Programs Officer

Treena was born in Kabul, she holds a BA degree in Psychology and Education from Kabul University. She is also one of very few Afghan women with a driving license. Treena began at Skateistan as the Education Assistant and Back-to-School Program Manager, and is now the Programs Officer for Skateistan Kabul. She joined Skateistan in May 2012 due to her deep interest in sport and especially using sport for Afghan youth empowerment.

Treena can be contacted at
Treena Hakimi Shazia Batool
Finance and HR Officer

Shazia Batool was born in Jaghori, Afghanistan where she completed her Masters in Mathmatics. She started working with Skateistan in August 2014 as Kabul’s Finance and HR Officer. Shazia says she wants to try her best to explore her talent, improve her skills and, “be more successful in future.” 

Fatima Timar Fatima Timar
Student Support Officer

Fatima was born in Kabul on December 3, 1963 and has lived there all her life. She completed grade 12 at Inqlab high school. Fatima has worked as a teacher since 2003 and was hired in May 2011 as Skateistan's Student Support Officer. She recruits, registers, teaches, and supervises Skateistan's students. She is the family and community liaison. She says "I feel very comfortable with Skateistan, and with the job I have I am also trying to help the poor kids so I am always in touch with their families."

To register at Skateistan, contact Fatima at +93 774 713 195
Merza Mohammadi Merza Mohammadi
Maintenance Manager and Sport Coordinator

Merza has been skateboarding for nearly five years and is now one of Afghanistan’s most talented skaters. He has been working at the Skateistan park as a Skate Instructor since January 2010 and became the Maintenance Manager in summer 2011. He comes from Shamoli, Afghanistan.
Hanifa Qayumi Hanifa Qayumi
Skate and Classroom Teacher and Maintenance Crew

Born and raised in Kabul, Hanifa has been skateboarding at Skateistan since 2010 and has been with the team since 2011, first as a volunteer and then as staff. Hanifa is 14 years old and has currently completed school up until the fourth grade. She is very keen on teaching skateboarding to her peers. She hopes to become a better skateboarder and continue working with Skateistan in the future.
Rahmattullah Hamard Rahmattullah Hamard
Student Administrator

Rahmattullah was born in Pakistan and grew up in Kabul. He loves football and has played for Afghanistan’s National U15 team. After first arriving at Skateistan as a student in 2009, Rahmat soon became a volunteer teacher in the classrooms, where he was able to share his passion for learning with other youth at Skateistan. Upon graduating from school in 2012, Rahmat joined Skateistan as a full time member of the staff, teaching the Back to School boys' class and helping the education team with administration. On his experience with the organization, Rahmat says “Skateistan has changed my life”.
Madina Saidy Madina Khsrawy
Back-to-School Teacher

Madina's dream is to one day be a pilot, but for now she is very happy to learn new skills as a teacher for her peers in the Skateistan classrooms and skatepark. The 14-year-old has been skating since 2010 and began working with Skateistan in early 2012. She also runs her own market stall at a Women's Market in Kabul that happens each month, putting her excellent English skills to good use. Madina is also a top student at her school and was the youngest presenter at the TEDxKabul event in 2012.
Shogofa Qayomi Shogofa Qayomi
Classroom Teacher

13-year-old Shogofa was born in Pakistan and spent her childhood in Kabul. She is an intelligent 5th grader at school and wants to be a doctor in the future. She came to Skateistan two and a half years ago as a student, became a volunteer and now teaches skate classes. She wishes to be the best skater in the world.
Shabana Saidali Shabana Saidali
Education Coordinator

20-year-old Shabana grew up in Kabul, but she also spent some of her childhood in Pakistan. She graduated from Lame Shahid High School and attended Skateistan classes regularly while she was studying. She has been working with Skateistan as a volunteer since June 2010 and is now a part time program assistant while she continues her studies in Computer Engineering at TTTA institute in Kabul. Shabana would like to work with people from all over the world and travel to different countries.
Farid Wahidi Farid Wahidi
Skate Teacher and Maintenance Crew 

Growing up in Kabul and now living in Qala e Zaman Khan, Farid came to Skateistan in 2010 and has been a regular student ever since. He can speak Dari, Pashto and English and is now a volunteer for boys skate classes.
Hamdullah Hamdard Hamdullah Hamdard
Communications Officer

Hamdullah works in the Media department at Skateistan in Kabul as the Local Communications Officer and believes Skateistan is a place that can give people hope for their future. He can speak Pashto, Dari, Urdu and English and studied Mobile Engineering and Calligraphy. Hamdullah won the UNESCO drawing award in 2011, and he hopes to become a journalist or action film director. He also enjoys acting and having fun with his family and friends.
Sulaiman Sulaimankhil Sulaiman Sulaimankhil
Classroom Teacher

Apart from Skating, Sulaiman likes to play football and volleyball. He grew up in Kabul and joined Skateistan in 2009 as a student, became a volunteer and is now an instructor. Besides teaching, he is interested in Skateistan’s film class. Sulaiman can speak Pashto, Dari and English and aims to become a politician to serve his country.
Mohammad Bilal Mohammad Bilal
Office Assistant and Skate Teacher

Mohammad was born in Pakistan, grew up in Kabul and now lives in Behehisar where he has graduated from school and has learned to speak English, Pashto, Dari and a little Urdu. He came to Skateistan in 2009, has developed a passion for skateboarding and also loves wheelchair basketball.


Zohra Anwari Zohra Anwari
Finance and HR Officer

Zohra was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is currently studying Literature and Humanities at Balkh University. She has worked in finance for several years and is excited to expand her HR experience, improve her writing, and her skating. She dreams of traveling to the most remote regions of Afghanistan, and has already made it to 16 provinces of Afghanistan to help facilitate women’s rights trainings.
Shikuba Quayumi Shikuba Quayumi
Student Support Officer

Shikuba was born and raised in Mazar-e-Sharif before she left for Kabul University to study Dari literature. She worked as a Dari teacher for several years in the past, and is now excited to help children in Afghanistan gain more access to sports and education in her new role as SSO at Skateistan Mazar.
Zainab Zainab Hussaini
Programs Officer

Zainab is 24 years old. She started working at the age of 15 and has sinced worked in aviation, with numerous back to school programs and is an enthusiastic advocator of women's rights. She came to Skateistan in 2013, starting out as a student administrator and sports coordinator. Zainab now oversees all the education classes at Mazar-e-Sharif and says she is really happy to be working for Skateistan. In her free time Zainab also works as a journalist for a weekly local newspaper. 

Zainab can be contacted at
Noorzai Ibrahimi Noorzai Ibrahimi
Sports Coordinator

Noorzai was born in Afghanistan’s Kapisa province. He saw a skateboard for the first time in Kabul's Macroyan fountain with Skateistan's founder, Ollie. He has been with Skateistan since the building of its first facilities, beginning first as a three-month volunteer and finally leaving work on the streets to become a staff skate teacher in Kabul. Noorzai’s favorite part of his job is helping the other kids, and he is excited to do so in his newest role as Sports Coordinator in Mazar-e-Sharif.
Nelofar Sorosh Nelofar Sorosh
Student Administration and Communications Assistant

Nelofar was born in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, and grew up in Pakistan. She graduated from high school in 2014, and is now studying to become a doctor. Nelofar works full time in student administration and media, and is excited to learn skating and other sports. She is also excited to take part in Skateistan, and thinks it is good for students to learn new things that aren’t taught in government schools. “If we want to change the system of our life, maybe we should try with sports. With sports we can bring a big difference in our life.”
Mubaraka Mohammady Mubaraka Mohammady
Back-to-School Teacher

Mubaraka was born in Tehran, Iran, before moving to Afghanistan with her family when she was 8. She joined the Skateistan team as a volunteer in June 2013, and is now employed as a classroom teacher. On her experiece at Skateistan so far, Mubaraka explains, “When I started skating, my life changed, you should try it! When I come to Skateistan, my mind becomes fresh and I don’t worry about other things.”
Nazifa Khalil Yar Nazifa Khalil Yar
Classroom Teacher

Nazifa was born in Pul-e-Khumari, Afghanistan. She is currently studying law at Mowlana University and aspires to be an incorruptible judge. She has been teaching for two years at several other organizations and loves to see her students learn. She joined the Skateistan Mazar team in November 2013.
Fraidon Karimi Fraidon Karimi
Skate Teacher and Maintenance Crew

Fraidon joined the Skateistan team as a volunteer in June 2013. He was hired on as a staff skate teacher only six months later due to his natural aptitude for skateboarding. His favorite trick is the kickflip, and he aspires to become a better skater so he can be a better teacher.
Farzad Sakhwatman Farzad Sakhwatman
Part-time Skate Teacher and Maintenance Crew

Farzad joined the Skateistan team as a volunteer in June 2013. He was hired as a part-time skate teacher in December of 2013. Farzad dreams of one day being a pro skater, and works towards this goal every day by pushing himself and the students in the skate park.

Elias Sadid
Classroom Teacher   

Elias was born in Mazar-e-Sharif and graduated from high school in 2004. He then studied Medicine and Law, graduating in 2012. He first came to Skateistan as a volunteer.
“I came to Skateistan to work with youth and children who can’t otherwise study,” he says. He is very happy to be teaching and learning from others. 


Ainullah Sulaimon Mahmodi
Skate Teacher and Maintenance Crew  

20-year-old Ainullah was born in Samangan and came to Mazar-e-Sharif to find work. In 2013 he found Skateistan and started as a cleaner. “I tried to learn skateboarding because it was fun and interesting,” he says, ”Now I am a skate teacher and I would like to learn more.” 

Skateistan Cambodia

Pisey Kosal Pisey Kosal

Pisey was born in Cambodia in 1982. He holds two masters degrees, one in Photography and another in Law and Finance Development. Pisey has worked in numerous sectors including photography, communications, tourism, and international development. He was instrumental in helping Skateistan Cambodia establish NGO status. Pisey thinks that "Skateistan is an example of a way to integrate marginalized youth and to give them a role in the development of their country."
Benjamin Pecquer Benjamin Pecqueur
Operations Manager - Phnom Penh

Benjamin first began working with Skateistan to found Skateistan Cambodia in 2011. Before starting with Skateistan, Benji had been working in Cambodia for over four years as the Public Relations and Events Manager for an international NGO working with street-working children. He graduated with a higher technical marketing degree in Toulouse, France, in 2001. He was the first to bring skateboarding to a Cambodian school, in 2011. Benjamin was born in France, and spent 10 years living and skating in Marseille.

Benji can be contacted at: or +855 (0) 77 367 227
Chara Soeung
Programs Officer

Chara was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She holds a bachelor degree in English Literature and is currently completing her Master's degree in Law. Chara worked as a development facilitator for more than four years and has also worked as a child protection trainer for other international NGOs. She hopes to bring her experience to work with Skateistan and improve the programs in Cambodia.

Chara can be contacted at
Kov Chansangva (Tin) Kov Chansangva (Tin)
Education Coordinator

Tin was born in Cambodia and graduated from Derm Tkov high school in 2012. She is the Skate and Programs Assistant for Skateistan Cambodia. She began as a Skateistan student at a partner NGO called Tiny Toones.  She says, “she is very happy that she can skateboard and work for Skateistan Cambodia and its focus on using skateboarding.”  She really enjoys working with Skateistan and wants to help give street children a chance to do skateboarding in Cambodia.

Tin can be contacted at: 

Rath Chansopheakna Rath Chansopheakna (Pheakna)
Sport Coordinator

Pheakna was born in Cambodia. He graduated from PSE, majoring in Construction in 2012. He is now a Skate and Classrooms Instructor. He had been involved with skateboarding since 2011 through PSE. He said, "I think that skateboarding is the new sport in Cambodia, and when I play it, my stresses are released". Before joining Skateistan, he worked as a breakdance teacher at PSE. He likes to work with kids, and especially wants them to enjoy skateboarding as much as he does.

Kong Sovannarah (Rah)

'Rah' grew up in Phnom Penh city. His parents passed away when he was 6 years old so he lived with his uncle and aunt. He used to be a  dance teacher at the Tiny Toones NGO. He found out about Skateistan from his friend and then it became his dream to work with Skateistan because he wants to help give children the opportunity to study and to share something new and exciting in Cambodia. In his spare time, he likes to read books, listen to hip hop and break dance.

Nong Sreymoch (Nhouen)
Teacher and Finance Assistant 

19-year-old Nhouen was born in Kompong Thom province in Cambodia and now studies at the Human Rights University. She started skating as a student 2 years ago when she was working at our partner organization, Cambodian Women’s Development Agency (CWDA). She volunteered at Skateistan Camboida for 3 months in 2014, then took a break to study and finish school. At the beginning of 2015, she started volunteering again. Then in April, she became part time staff. “Skateistan is a great opportunity for me,” she says.

Lauren Della Marta
Communications and Development Officer

Lauren grew up in Sydney, Australia and skated as a kid before getting into surfing and snowboarding. Her biggest passions apart from board sports are music, travel, photography, illustration and hot cups of tea. She aims to use her degrees in Media, Communications and Journalism and Graphic Design to help develop Skateistan’s projects in Cambodia and internationally.

Lauren can be contacted at or +855 (0) 788 949 33

Rattanak Samnang
Administration Assistant and Teacher

21-year-old Rattanak (aka 'Lucky') grew up in the Banteay Menchey province and moved to Phnom Penh to finish his university degree in Administration. Around the same time, he quickly became a regular Skateistan student. Now he teaches his own classes. “The first time was scary because I had never taught students before, so I learnt a lot from Mr Nup and Mr Pheakna and Ms Tin,” he says. In his spare time Rattanak listens to Hip Hop music, reads books and draws. But mostly, his spare time is dedicated to the skatepark. “I want to skate everyday,” he says, “I love it.” 

Savourn Savourn
Cleaning and Maintenance 

Savourn has been with Skateistan Cambodia since the very beginning. Her daughter was one of our first students. At first Savourn was pretty scared of skateboards, but she wanted her daughter to try it because she knew our instructors were great role models. Savourn keeps the skatepark and guesthouse clean and tidy as well as cooking the occasional meal for the staff. Her signature dish is a delicious traditional Khmai noodle curry.

Savady Savady

Introduced to Skateistan by her mother (above), 15-year-old Savady has been a skatepark regular for the past few years. She considers all the local and international staff her friends and is very happy to be helping out in the classroom and around the park. Savody is in grade 10 and attends school five mornings a week. In the evenings she learns English. It’s her favourite subject and when she is older, she plans on becoming an English teacher herself.




Skateistan South Africa

Ayanda Mnyandu Ayanda Mnyandu
Operations Officer

Ayanda grew up in Troyeville, Johannesburg, where he first rode a skateboard at the age of six. He since received his Bachelors of Commerce in Economics from the University of Pretoria followed by a supplementary year of Statistics. Ayanda was drawn to Skateistan because it combines all of his passions: skateboarding, education, and development. He joined Skateistan South Africa in June 2014 as Operations Officer.

Ayanda can be contacted at
Kelly Murray Kelly Murray
Sports Coordinator

Kelly Murray was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has been skating for 8 years. She has extensive experience in sports education, having worked in schools as a teaching assistant and sports coach, and in her job as a sports coach at a gym. She also teaches Djembe drumming to young children, and volunteered at a children’s home. She received her diploma in sports management from ETA College and started out with Skateistan as a volunteer in June 2014 before coming on as staff.

Kelly can be contacted at
Chris Ray Chris Ray
Operations Manager 

Chris comes from Northern California and joined Skateistan as a volunteer in June of 2014.  After graduating from California Polytechnic in 2012 with a Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture, Chris was hired by Site Design Group + California Skateparks, working on skatepark projects all over the United States.  He has studied landscape architecture abroad in Italy and Mexico, and has been skateboarding for over 10 years.

Chris can be contacted at
Carolien Greyling Carolien Greyling

Carolien has a BA degree in Art History and South African History as well as a Hons Degree in African and African American History. She is currently writing a MA thesis in South African history. Since graduating from her Hons degree she has travelled and worked in East Asia and South East Asia. She has also worked on various social research projects and historical publications in Johannesburg South Africa. She briefly skateboarded as a teenager growing up in Troyeville Johannesburg, but has since gotten back on a board for the first time in 11 years. She applies her passion for the arts and South Africa's history to curriculum development and teaching with Skateistan South Africa.

Carolien can be contacted at

International Entities

Skateistan has volunteers all around the world providing help with fundraising, legal, design, web and more. If you'd like to get involved with helping Skateistan from your own country check if there are others below that you can contact from your area. If you want to start fundraising in a country that isn't included on this page, or have a skateboarding-development project that needs support, please send an e-mail to


Simon Letellier Simon Letellier
French Representative

Simon arrived in Afghanistan in February 2010 and worked as a volunteer with Skateistan for one year. Simon has worked as a journalist, publisher and art director for eight years in Paris, where he now lives again since leaving Kabul. His goal is to connect Western European media with Skateistan. He has been skating for over 15 years.

Simon can be contacted at



Markus Roman Markus Roman
Board of Directors, Chairman

Markus helped found the German Skateistan association in 2009 on the request of Skateistan's Deputy Director, Max Henninger. In 2011 Markus took over as the position as chairman for the German entity. As an online-journalist he helps to keep the German website updated.

Markus can be contacted at
Alex Bald

Alexandra Bald
Board of Directors

Alexandra Bald is Berlin-based and studied visual communications at Berlin university of the Arts. She supported Skateistan since the early days as a designer and art director, between 2007 and 2014. In 2012 she visited Skateistan Kabul and enjoyed working with students and teachers while holding creative workshops.

United Kingdom

Søren Vester Haldrup Søren Vester Haldrup
UK Representative

Søren is one of Skateistan’s veteran volunteers, and has been involved since 2009. In Copenhagen, Denmark, he helped coordinate some of Skateistan’s most successful fundraisers in 2010, which raised approximately 100,000 USD. Søren visited Kabul in January 2011, and has helped Skateistan achieve charitable status in the United Kingdom. Søren has a background in political science and is currently working for the UNDP in Tanzania.

All Skateistan UK questions and requests can be sent to

United States of America

Kristoffer Nilaus Tarp Kristoffer Nilaus Tarp
US Board President

Kristoffer became involved with Skateistan while working for the European Union in Afghanistan as a political advisor. He organized the incredibly successful fundraising event at the Copenhagen Skatepark in February 2009 that raised approximately $60,000 USD towards the building of our first facility in Afghanistan.

Kristoffer can be contacted at
Niki Williams Niki Williams
US Board Member

Niki is from Gary, Indiana, USA, and volunteered at Skateistan in Kabul from December 2010 until May 2011 as a teacher and Media Assistant.  She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Cinema & Television production and has lived in Los Angeles for the past 13 years working for companies such as DreamWorks SKG, and Nickelodeon/MTV Networks. She also started an organization that uses the filmmaking process as a form of art therapy.

Niki can be contacted at
Morgan Dewey Morgan Dewey
US Board Member

Morgan is originally from Jupiter, Florida and is currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She volunteered with Skateistan in Kabul in 2011 as an Art & Sports Coordinator. She has been skating for twelve years and has also played and coached football for many years. Morgan's an experienced event organizer and a pro at anything DIY (Do-It-Yourself).
Ray Thacher Ray Thacher
US Board Member
Ray has been working in Afghanistan for several years.  While working with one of Skateistan's partner companies in Afghanistan, Ray was introduced to the team at Skateistan and quickly became a supporter of the project. Orginally from New England, Ray is now an acting board member of the Skateistan U.S. entity, helping however he can in both the states and Kabul.

In Memory of Khalid, who will never be forgotten.