skateistan fundraiser

On Friday September 20th 2013 a Skateistan Fundraiser was held in Philadelphia, USA. It was not only time to put on your dancing shoes, but to raise money for a good cause by auctioning artist decks. All donations and profits went directly to Skateistan. People showed up in a big way, by the end of the night every single piece of art work was sold in a silent auction. A fantastic total of 1570 USD was raised at the event.

Keep Skateistan Rolling

Since 2007 we’ve rarely asked our supporters for donations but as a grassroots NGO we in fact rely on the generosity of people around the world like you to continue the work that we do. At the same time, we know how annoying it gets to be hassled on the street by some stranger with a clipboard or bombarded with guilt-inducing images, so we thought instead that we’d do two fundraising drives a year that not only ask for donations, but also show you the impact your donations have on the lives of Skateistan’s students.