Javier Mendizabal Visits Skateistan Cambodia

Art & skate contest winners celebrate with Javier.

Last month Skateistan Cambodia was lucky enough to host a very special visitor: Pro skater Javier Mendizabal from the Quiksilver Foundation!

Javier came to Skateistan Cambodia as a Quiksilver Ambassador, marking the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between the Quiksilver Foundation, Vuerich B, and Skateistan. The Quiksilver Foundation and Vuerich B have recently released a range of sunglasses made out of recycled skateboard decks - some of which were actually used here at Skateistan Cambodia. A portion of the proceeds from each pair sold will go towards Skateistan and its projects.

Afghan girls make Afghanistan's 1st skateboard at Skateistan.
Skateistan in Photos: Skateistan teachers Madina, Hanifa and Parisa sand the edges of the very 1st skateboard made in Afghanistan. Youth at Skateistan will produce 10 skateboards to display internationally and exchange with youth in other countries, including a group of Lakota American Indian skateboarders.

Girls’ Video Exchange Class

We have recently begun a video exchange class connecting Skateistan students across two countries; Cambodia and Afghanistan. The girls attending our Kabul project on Tuesday afternoons are connecting with girls of Skateistan Cambodia on a weekly basis via Skype video sessions.

Both countries involved in the project are gifted with a rich cultural heritage, which has been threatened by decades of war. Since the purpose of the exchange is to share and celebrate the different aspects of both cultures, the students are not just learning about another culture but also their own as well by delving deeper into what it means to be Afghan or Cambodian.

The exchange began with the students discussing answers to questions such as: interests, hobbies, daily lives and skateboarding skills. Afterwards, students from each Skateistan project were able exchange personal experiences within their country.

The students discussed custom, culture, population, climate, geography and products of each other’s countries. As the class went on they started to discuss more of the social issues that are present in their countries, such as percentage of working women and female inequality.

The girls in Cambodia and Afghanistan have found the exchange uplifting and exciting, giving the students a sense of pride in their cultural identity;

“We are happy to share about what exists in Cambodian culture including food, clothes, dancing, greeting, resorts, as well as the other things since the girls there could not see these things directly, but through pictures, they could understand and know what we have here.” – Skateistan Cambodia’s female students

Skateistan Kabul's 3 year anniversary

Afghan girls and boys over look the climbing demostration
Afghan girls and boys over look the climbing demonstration

On December 15th 2012 Skateistan’s community of students, families, staff, and
 friends came together to celebrate and share the success stories of the past three years of the Skateistan Park in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The crowd of over 300 people was presented with milk and cookies upon their arrival at the facility in Kabul, to enjoy as they made their way through to the main hall of Skateistan. They were greeted with an exhibition of the students’ art work, and accompanying the students’ pieces was a gallery of photographs selected to explore the creative process and celebrate three years of arts education at Skateistan.

Skateistan Book Available Worldwide!

Skateistan girls in Kabul celebrate the release of our first book.
"The Skateistan book covers the entire project in words and pictures. It's a beautiful production and will elevate any bookshelf, and it's a perfect gift for the skateboarder that has everything."- Tony Hawk Foundation

We're very happy to announce that our 320 page color book, Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan, is now available to buy on Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France, and Amazon US, with shipping available to destinations worldwide.

100% of profits will go to Skateistan's programming for youth in Afghanistan and Cambodia. Consider buying our book as a gift for loved ones who want to help make a difference in the lives of others.