It's keep Skateistan rolling time!

This July 1st - 31st we need your help to reach our summer fundraising goal of 20,000 USD.

CURRENT $24281
GOAL $20000

As a part of the summer 2014 "Keep Skateistan Rolling" drive, we will release a series of new Skateistan photo stories, as well as a new video that features Skateistan student and youth leader Madina.

The short-film gives you a glimpse into the daily life of an amazing young woman whose life has been positively impacted by Skateistan’s programs, told by Madina in her own words.

The photo stories will be shared across our social media and will give you an idea of how your donations provide new opportunities and enrich the lives of Skateistan’s students, especially girls in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Don’t miss out and be sure to follow us:


Things are changing in Afghanistan.
Help Skateistan continue to empower Afghan youth like Madina, and Keep Skateistan Rolling.

16-year-old Madina is one of Afghanistan’s most talented skaters. Starting out in Skateistan’s creative arts and skateboarding program, Madina began as a student but has quickly become an excellent female role model and an inspiring teacher. Since joining Skateistan, Madina has gone from ordinary Afghan girl to a TEDx speaker, to representing Afghanistan at UN Habitat's World Urban Forum in 2014 - her first time leaving her country.


Since 2007 we've rarely asked our supporters for donations but we in fact rely on the generosity of people around the world like you to continue the work that we do. At the same time, we know how annoying it gets to be hassled on the street by some stranger with a clipboard or bombarded with guilt-inducing images, so we thought instead that we'd do two fundraising drives a year that show how your donations make a real positive impact on the lives of Skateistan students. During our 'Keep Skateistan Rolling' fundraising drives we also want to give our supporters the opportunity to become a part of Skateistan by getting involved.


As a way to thank those that are able to make a contribution towards Skateistan's projects internationally, we're giving away some Skateistan merchandise.

From July 1st-31st donors who sign up to make a monthly donation of 20 USD (15 Euro) or more will be automatically entered to win a Skateistan prize pack:

  • a copy of the book Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan signed by Skateistan’s executive director Oliver Percovich
  • an original Afghan scarf
  • a limited edition "Keep Skateistan Rolling" pocket t-shirt that features a photo of Madina
  • a limited edition "Keep Skateistan Rolling" paper-watch

Please note: Only donations made online directly at or through PayPal will be eligible to win.