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GOAL $25000

This is your chance to make a huge difference in the life of a child.

What does the future look like in the eyes of children growing up in war torn countries or experiencing poverty, discrimination and extreme hardship? Every child deserves a chance to dream and to reach their full potential. Skateistan has found the winning formula of combining sports and education as a real path to personal growth, professional advancement, and the bright futures all children deserve.

What can you do for the future of Skateistan youth?


Something changes within when children who are experiencing very difficult situations come to Skateistan. Suddenly, life is fun and full of opportunity. The future looks brighter.

Take a sneak peak at our newest video and stay tuned this July as we update you with photo stories and videos to learn what Skateistan youth want for their futures. In the meantime, keep the magic happening by becoming a supporter and donating monthly to help us reach our fundraising goal this July.



As little as $10/month can help a student to keep skating and learning.

Giving a monthly donation is the best way to help us be a consistent part of the lives of children who need support the most. By giving monthly, you can continually provide teachers, skateboarding teachers, back-packs, shoes, textbooks, lunch, footballs, art supplies, first-aid, transport, tools for skatepark repairs and a whole host of other necessities. More importantly, you are investing in the futures of our students in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa - the life skills, confidence, motivation, education and opportunities for leaders of the next generation.

Do something inspiring today.


Just a few examples of how your contribution will impact Skateistan youth.

Students in Cambodia
$10 / MONTH

For one Cambodian student to attend Street Outreach for a semester.

Students in Afghanistan
$40 / MONTH

For one Afghan student to attend Skate and Create for a year.

Students in South Africa
$80 / MONTH

For one South African student to attend our Youth Leadership program for a year.


We get that sometimes you want to help out, but don’t know how.
Need a little inspiration? These are a few Skateistan fundraisers we will never forget.

Perry's fundraiser

Set up a 2-day live music event in Vancouver, BC.


Taipei American School's fundraiser

Students and staff who met Skateistan students at a model UN conference put on bake sales and raffles in Taiwan.


Tim and Sarah's fundraiser

Organized the skateboard art show, 'Deckaid' in Brooklyn featuring a collection of rare 90's skateboard memorabilia.

RAISED: 5,000+ USD



We are so excited about our new monthly donors, we want to sweeten the deal. Become a monthly donor this July and you'll be entered to WIN a KSR prize pack. This thing is packed with goodies to keep you looking great and skating with passion.

What kind of goodies, you ask?

  • a copy of the book Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan
  • a classic Skateistan AK-47 logo tee
  • a copy of the Skateistan DVD, 'Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul'
  • a limited edition KSR string bag
  • 3 Impossible instant film packs
  • Stickers!

Please note: Only donations made online directly at or through PayPal will be eligible to win.